Our guests come from around the world - near and far. Here are some of their impressions of Querencia that they've shared with us in our Guestbooks ...


"Before yesterday, we never could have imagined this. Our incredible dinner in the wine cellar, every attention to every detail, the beautiful sunset view and walk through the delightfully lit garden, the turned down bed ... it will forever be a special anniversary memory for us. One of the best! If not THE best!"

"There is a serenity here at Querencia that is quite rare in this busy world. We have thoroughly enjoyed our stay and all of the special touches have not been lost on us."

"What a fun, warm, and pampering experience. It will be a birthday we never forget!"

"Everything was so perfect ... we will definitely be back!"

"I can't say how pleased I am with the quality of the room and service. You seem to have heaven figured out and I can count on this as a fabulous retreat with the amenities of a five star hotel."

"Everything was wonderful beyond our imagination! The food, room, and your hospitality made it difficult for us to leave! We'll dream about the scones, latte's, and breakfast until we return again in the near future."

"Thank you for sharing your piece of paradise with us!"

"Thanks so much for your wonderful hospitality and the attention to detail - I loved it!"

"What a spectacular find! We are awestruck. Querencia has to be seen in person to really grasp the awesome views, the fabulous decor, and the friendly hospitality. We'll be back!"

"Querencia is a gem!! What a wonderful birthday surprise."

"You both have an amazing thing here. We are celebrating our 3rd anniversary and there is no place more romantic!"

"Querencia is beautifully decorated and the layout/design is creative and wonderful. The food was excellent and very appreciated!"

"A delightful mix of solitude and good company!"

"Thank you for an amazing escape! Such Heaven!"

"This is truly California's best kept secret - both your home and your hospitality (not to mention your scones, fruit and tomatoes, and your fabulous cooking)! This was just what we needed. Our only regret is that we couldn't stay longer."

"I felt so pampered and relaxed here while also being able to work. I will be back with my husband for a romantic getaway! This place is amazing."

"Pulling up to your little slice of heaven was absolutely breathtaking! We loved being able to spend time here. It's truly tranquil and beautiful! We look forward to returning and sharing our experience with our friends. Thank you for your hospitality - we loved it!"

"I wouldn't have dreamt of a better place for a romantic getaway! Querencia exceeded all my expectations. It's grand, but soft, tranquil, and welcoming at the same time."

"I don't believe we have ever stayed at a place so lovely, so unique, so artistic, and so warm and wonderful. Your hospitality ... and cooking ... is awesome. We will be back soon!"

"This was a magical experience that we will never forget. We just can't say enough!"

"You brought Murphys to life for us in a whole new way. We enjoyed every bit of Querencia!"

"Thank you so much for sharing your little slice of Heaven with us. This is such a tranquil and relaxing place. We will definitely be back."

"You've ruined us for any other bed and breakfast in the future! How could any come close to the beauty, peace, and hospitality you so freely offer."

"You're making a difference in peoples lives and you're doing it gently and with respect and class. Your area of the world is gorgeous, well kept, and enviable. Thank you for allowing us to be guests and share."

"The moment we stepped in, we knew this was a special place. The weekend here was amazing. Every part of this place is so wonderful. The waterfall, the rooms, and the view alone was breathtaking. We look forward to many more special times here."

"Sitting there on the porch, looking at the fantastic view, we feel like a King and Queen. How blessed we are to be able to enjoy this scenery, this luxurious stay."

"An incredible celebration of all that is delicious, sumptuous, luxurious, creative ... and lost. Thank you."

"What a great place! We enjoyed every moment. It is tranquil here and a perfect place to connect. Thank you for everything from the beautiful room to the outstanding food."

"What can I say? I'll never forget entering such a fabulous threshold to feast upon the awakening of all our senses. The sound of your waterfall, the fabulous presentation of fine food and drinks, perfect lighting, fabulous decor, intimate suites, outstanding music, and oh, the spectacular views."

"I didn't want to close my eyes and sleep, because every aspect of the room offered a rich bouquet of texture and elegant details."

"What a treat it has been to stay at such a beautiful place. We'll be back."

"The food was wonderful, the house is beautiful, and the grounds are stunning and peaceful."

"This place is fantastic!"

"We certainly hope this has been just the first of many trips to stay at your uniquely beautiful B&B. The decor is nothing short of wonderful, the views spectacular, and your close attention to detail did not go unnoticed."

"You folks set the benchmark upon which all will now be measured: Great people, fantastic food and wine, and a priceless environment. It's a pleasure to be among people living their dream!"

"This has definitely been a one-of-a-kind experience ... five stars in every way!"

"There aren't enough words to describe our incredibly wonderful four days. Thank you. We will be back often."

"It is so serene and beautiful here! You took care of all the details and we felt like royalty. The breakfasts and appetizers were unbelievable."

"I've seen "Heaven on Earth" and we found it at Querencia. This place is so beautiful - from the views, to the decor, to the hospitality."

"We have had such a wonderful stay here. It's almost out of this world. If there's ever Heaven or Nirvana on earth, this is it."

"Words fail me at this point! Plain and simple - WOW! This was wonderful. What a fantastic place to come and relax. We'll be back."

"What a fantastic place to spend the first night as husband and wife. A truly memorable time made all the more special by the tranquil setting and your hospitality. We can't wait to enjoy our future anniversaries here!"

"Thank you again for a wonderful experience. Even better the second time around. Your hospitality is unmatched. We'll be back again and again."

"We loved the hospitality and ambiance of Querencia. You have a little bit of heaven here."

"From the serene breathtaking views, the wonderfully prepared meals, and overall ambiance, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Thank you for a wonderful anniversary evening."

"You have managed to create a place that combines a sense of total peace and total excitement all in one package. The feeling of being pampered and being left alone all at the same time. And the food ... we don't have enough superlatives to express what we thought of your cooking! We'll be back!"

"We couldn't have choosen a more beautiful place to spend our wedding night."

"This place is so beautiful. We were so impressed by the architecture and attention to detail. You are such wonderful and gracious hosts!"

"What a lovely retreat you have created here. The sense of peace is palpable, and makes it feel as though one is a thousand miles from the everyday world."

"Querencia is absolute magic."

"Thank you for creating Querencia - a distinctive and inspiring, artistic world. Your attention to detail for our comfort is unsurpassed."

"Nothing could come close to what we considered 'romantic,' until we found Querencia."

"Querencia is our new favorite. We really can't wait to come back - we are so happy to have spent our wedding night here."

"Every little touch meant so much during this beautiful visit. Your home and your food are truly works of art."

"Querencia is absolutely beautiful and breathtaking."

"What a beautiful couple of days we have enjoyed; so pampered. Your attention to every detail has made our visit to Querencia so special."

"Your home is absolutely amazing! It's so peaceful here and you are wonderful hosts."

"Thank you for sharing this magical place with us."

"We cannot thank you enough for making our wedding night so special! Every detail was amazing! The champagne, the incredible breakfast, and the hospitality has helped make this the most memorable night of our lives!"

"I wish I could live here."

"Our stay was beyond our expectations. Mike and Mary Jo's hospitality is so wonderful. Their warm sense of lifestyle in the incredible place they created for guests to enjoy is a wonderful sensation we cannot thank you enough for."

"Querencia's serene setting, beautiful furnishings, gracious hospitality, and attention to detail, combine to give guest luxurious pampering without formality or pretention. What a wonderful retreat!" Janis Dice - Prosper Magazine

"You've done an amazing thing, creating a dream to share with others!"

"Querencia is beautiful - not enough adjectives to describe. Your hospitality and presentation makes for a wonderful visit ... perfect in every way."

"We had a PERFECT get away."

"Querencia is magical. Words cannot describe it, unless you see it for yourself."

"One word - 'Magnificent.' You really do have a piece of heaven here."

"Thank you for the wonderful food, luxurious, yet peaceful surroundings, and the warmth of your hospitality - you are the essence of the quintessential B&B."