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We serve three courses at breakfast. The first consists of hot drinks and baked goods served in your room. The second and third courses, served half an hour or so later, are more substantial. We tend to err on the side lavish, so let us know if you would like a more petite serving. We have you pick the breakfast you each would like (samples below).

The First Course includes your drink choice and chef's choice of scones, muffins or coffee cake. This can be served between 7am and 9am. You may choose to have it brought to your room, or enjoy it in the dining area or in the garden. Choose from a list of drinks that of course include coffee and tea, or cafe au lait, mocha, and hot chocolate.

The Second Course is served in the Great Room before 10am, and includes juices and seasonal fruit on the buffet table.

The Third Course is served until 10am. Everything on the menu is cooked fresh to order, from scratch, using herbs, vegetables and fruits from our garden in season. Please note that the latest we serve breakfast is 10AM. Here is a sample menu with your breakfast choices ...

Lemon waffles with bacon or sausage

Apple cranberry walnut buckwheat (and other grains) pancakes served with bacon or sausage

Multigrain pancakes using Muesli (from America's Test Kitchen) served with bacon or sausage

Omelet with (circle choices: onions, fresh garlic, mushrooms, peppers, cheddar, herbs, ham) served with bacon or sausage

Egg White Omelet with spinach, fresh garlic and feta cheese served with bacon or sausage

Eggs Benedict on homemade English Muffins

Croque Monsieur: ham and cheese in French toast sandwich

Jersey Shore flat egg sandwich on an oversized, home made English Muffin with cheddar cheese, bacon, flat eggs, sweet onion and deli relish

Huevos Querencia: eggs steamed with hot chilies, garlic, tomato and Cheddar served on a warm tortilla with home-made refried beans served with bacon or sausage