Querencia construction began in 1990 and was completed in 2003, depending on your definition of "completed". There will always be some construction project going on, from a remotely located picnic table to a new sidewalk or patio.

stairsThe core of the house is constructed of ferroconcrete, and covers almost 4000 square feet. The bedroom wing covers another 2500 square feet or so. Over two miles of electrical wire, over 200 yards of concrete and at least 2000 rocks were used over the years in the construction.

The art incorporated in the construction - mosaics, rockwork, paintings, concrete tinting, and last minute architectural modifications -- was done by family members and friends.

The grounds, encompassing 80 acres, contain a flower, herb, and vegetable garden, a terraced hillside of grapevines, and over a mile of roads, paths, and private areas to explore.

Querencia has won the AIA Award for Excellence in Design, been featured on HGTV Dream Builders, and appeared in numerous magazines including Sunset, San Francisco Magazine, Sunset Field Guild to the California Wine County, who fondly refers to the Q as "a one-of-a-kind inn".

Querencia is located in the middle of 40 acres on a remote ridge top in the heart of Gold Country, with views of mountains, vineyards, and countryside in all directions. The fenced garden area contains a small vineyard, a vegetable, herb, and flower garden, and a fish pond. Three oaks and joined by shade cloth to make an outdoor room in the summer, and the garden has plenty of places to eat a meal, read a paper or share a bottle of wine. Outside the fenced garden there are roads and paths to explore, with places for picnics and even a private outdoor shower with its own wilderness view. A little nippy in the winter.

Astronomy is popular at Querencia. None of our neighbors have a sodium vapor lamp to spoil the seeing. Remote from other light sources, there is a high quality of dark up here, in which to see the universe and all its glories. Borrow a flashlight and lawn chair to go to the more remote places to view the stars.

The ridges of Gold Country are sharp, steep, and high, covered with pines, oaks, and manzanita. Tailings from old gold mines dot the hills. Deer, wild turkey, quail, and other game is common. Rarely seen are wild pigs that eat the acorns, bear that eat the manzanita berries, and mountain lions that eat the deer. Reptiles are well represented, as are rodents and amphibians. You have to stay on your toes up here.


What our guests have to say ...

"You have managed to create a place that combines a sense of total peace and total excitement all in one package. The feeling of being pampered and being left alone all at the same time. And the food ... we don't have enough superlatives to express what we thought of your cooking! We'll be back!"

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